Supermarket Distribution Centre

PTZ with Progressive IR

Sector: Industrial

Area: Rotherham

Project size: 194 camera system

Timescale (from design to install and handover): 7 months

The Problem

Our client, an international supermarket chain, required design consultancy and installation services for the CCTV system at their regional distribution centre in Goldthorpe, England.

We have good experience in this type of solution, having designed other similar systems for around 2 years for other regional distribution centres. The focus in this instance was on preventing problems of theft, accidents and false claims.

Since our previous designs and installations produced real results in similar scenarios, we took our design proposals to the electrical consultants and the client for them to review. Working collaboratively we discussed ideas which would tailor it to the specific needs.

The specific topography of the site in question presented its own risks and challenges, which we were able to mitigate and overcome with the solution we put forth.

Our Solution

After first of all ensuring that the basis of the design was relevant to the specific site, we were more than happy to put in place a live trial installation. This allowed the client to see exactly what their new system would offer, the benefits it would bring and what it would be like in use.

An important part of the project was to work in close liaison with the data infrastructure provider, to ensure that it could handle the amount of data generated by the cameras, and amending the specification as necessary.

Due to a lack of light in some of the areas covered by the HD CCTV, we recommended a latest generation PTZ, a pan tilt zoom camera which includes progressive IR. This technology involves a beam of infrared also to be zoomed into the subject to provide the illumination and produces amazing results in low light. See our sample PTZ footage, in total darkness it can pick out capillaries on a leaf, or the movement of a spiders legs.

The client has an interactive map of the site, and software that allows this to be managed easily, simply by clicking on the relevant icon anywhere on the site to bring a live camera up within moments.

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